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How to Disc Golf

Useful disc golf gear and basic etiquette


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Pulsea is the biggest online Disc Golf Academy with over 1000 short video lessons starting from the very basics all the way to pro level putting techniques. Pulsea is growing fast with almost daily new material about different topics regarding disc golf.

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Disc golf is growing fast and new courses are being built all over the world. In this video we'll go through basic gear to bring and etiquette on the field.

Gear Up to Throw: Disc Golf Essentials

When diving into the thrilling world of disc golf, one specific thing you cannot be without is your sturdy disc. Nothing beats a perfectly weighted mid-range disc sustaining a neutral flight for that much-coveted hole-in-one. 

Other essentials include a towel to wipe the disc after a round and a water bottle to remain hydrated during a game. To some players, snacks may sound like a luxury, but to others, it's a must-have. 

Remember, the aim is to enjoy yourself, and these essentials can play a significant role in achieving this.

Stay Comfortable on the Course: Best Apparel & Footwear Choices

Dressing right for a disc golf game is of utmost importance. Light, loose, and comfortable attire is best, with the weather playing a role in your gear selection. A good range of motion is necessary, so avoid anything too tight or restrictive. In warmer weather, opt for shorts, and in colder climates, pants and jackets are suitable options. 

The same principle applies to footwear. Choose a pair that offers good grip and comfort. Avoid wearing boots or sandals; trail shoes or running shoes are the apt choices.

Keep it Cool and Respectful: Player Etiquette and Safety

Getting out there on the course can be exciting and challenging, but it’s also part of the fun. Remember, the ultimate goal is to enjoy your time outdoors, being active!

It’s critical not to pressure yourself too much and remember that things will get easier as you play more. Moreover, player etiquette is key. If you notice your pace slowing others down, allow them to proceed and play through. This is an integral part of maintaining safety and respect on the disc golf course.

The disc golf community is very welcoming and helpful.

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