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Disc selection at a pro shop - What to pick


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Pulsea is the biggest online Disc Golf Academy with over 1000 short video lessons starting from the very basics all the way to pro level putting techniques. Pulsea is growing fast with almost daily new material about different topics regarding disc golf.

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In this video we'll be discussing disc selection for beginners with a pro shop owner.

Selecting Your First Dic Golf Discs

When starting in disc golf, your gear, particularly your discs, have a significant impact on how quickly you progress in the game. The first consideration for beginners is selecting a mid-range, lightweight disc. 

A midrange disc in disc golf is a type of disc designed for versatility and control. Midrange discs are essential in a player's disc golf bag because of their versatility and reliability for various shot types, including straight shots, hyzer (left-curving), and anhyzer (right-curving) throws.

These discs are ideal for beginners due to their understability, making them less likely to turn over during a throw. Another key factor in choosing your first disc is to ensure it is comfortable in your hand, with neutral and straight options often recommended.

The second consideration for new players might be investing in a more premium plastic disc. Discs made from this material are more resistant to hitting rocks or trees, showing less wear and damage over time. As you become more experienced in the game, you will become better at manipulating the disc's flight, making the premium plastic a worthy investment.

Disc Selection for Different Skill Levels

Disc golf is a sport for everyone, but it's essential to select the right disc for your skill level. For younger players, a slower, smaller putter is recommended. It's easier to throw, fits comfortably in smaller hands, and ultimately, can be more fun for new players, especially kids.

For adults, moving from a putter or mid-range disc to a driver can be a good progression. Remember, disc golf should always be enjoyable, regardless of skill level, so choose the disc that gives you the most enjoyment on the course. Ask advice for the local pros!

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Choosing Your First Disc

A common mistake among beginners is to opt for the most visually attractive or most expensive disc. While aesthetics can matter, it's best to concentrate on what fits best in your hand and the disc's flight characteristics. Opting for a high-speed distance driver as a beginner, for instance, can lead to a challenging learning curve. Initiate with gradual steps, starting from a neutral, mid-range disc, before progressing to more advanced models.

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