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Number 1 Tip For Increasing Your Putting Game accuracy in Disc Golf

Updated: Feb 9

Putting is one of the most important aspects on dic golf. When it comes to perfecting your putt, knowing the best spots to aim at the disc golf basket is crucial.

Discover the Sweet Zone and Avoid Dead Spots WHILE PUTTING TO THE BASKET

One of the most effective areas to target in the basket is the so called Sweet Zone, which is generally located in the middle section of the basket. However, there are also certain dead spots that you should be wary of and avoid, such as the upper areas of the basket where the chains can create gaps that allow the disc to slip through for example.

Matt Bell Putting

Ensure Proper Speed and Putter Positioning

While aiming for the right spot on the basket is important, it's equally vital to ensure that your putt has enough speed and that your putter is positioned correctly. When aiming for the upper chains, make sure your putt has enough force to penetrate the stiffer links. Additionally, at least half of your putter should be inside the chains to increase the likelihood of a successful shot. Our Pulsea Disc Golf Academy offers comprehensive guidance on mastering these techniques and more.

Use the Pole as a Reference Point without Hitting it Square

Many professional disc golfers use the pole as a reference point for their aim. However, it's essential not to hit the pole square on, as this can cause your disc to bounce back. Ideally, you want to have your putter just offset from the pole, so it folds off of it and into the basket. In some situations, avoiding the pole can be challenging, but with practice and right guidance you will start improving with your aim.

In conclusion, understanding the disc golf basket's sweet zone and dead spots, ensuring proper speed and putter positioning, and using the pole as a reference point can significantly improve your putting game. To further enhance your disc golf skills check out our courses in putting and start learning from the best, like Matt Bell the Putting champion!


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