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Thomas Gilbert - Meet The Disc Golf Pro

Thomas Gilbert (#85850) is a Canadian Disc Golf professional know for long distance throws and a unique playing style. The most notable achievement of his career is winning the Canadian National Championships in 2022 ahead of Matt Bell.

As mentioned, Thomas is known for throwing the disc very far. His approach to throwing the disc might be a bit different from other pros. Mr. Gilbert thinks that it's better to learn to throw far first and then start fine tuning and dialing the accuracy. This is because fine-tuning your whole form first for pure accuracy will make it harder to change the muscle memory to throw further later on. Be sure tho check out Thomas Gilbert's playing style for Pulsea Disc Golf Academy where he teaches unique techniques on gaining distance on throws.

As a person and a coach, Thomas Gilbert is all about inclusivity and being supportive of everyone. He lives and breathes Disc Golf and it's clear that the sport is a profession and a lifestyle for him. As one of the best Canadian players and with his easy-to-approachable demeanor, he is well respected among his peers and fans.

We at Pulsea Disc Golf Academy want to bring Thomas’ expertise to everyone. Wherever you live and no matter how good you are, you’ll be sure to find good tips from Thomas Gilbert in his course called My Style - Thomas Gilbert.

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