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The Optimal Midrange Grip

Understanding the role of grip in your Disc Golf game is essential. It's your only direct connection to the disc and plays a key role in your throwing power, accuracy, and control. The balance and tension of your grip can make or break your game and will give you results in accuracy, length and stability. If your grip is too loose, the disc could fall out. Too tight, and your throw could be heavily compromised. There are a few standardised grips for both backhand and forehand that you probably are already familiar with. As we are focusing on midrange, let’s also focus on backhand. Here are the main backhand grips:

  • Modified Fan Grip - Used mainly for Midranges and Putters

  • Power Grip - Optimal for Drivers

Naturally there are more than two grips and variations of these two, but these are the main used and essential for beginners. If you want to start amping up your game and learning from the best, be sure to check out Pulsea Disc Golf Academy.

The Modified Fan Grip

If you are watching pros play, you'll see players using a variety of grips and especially with midrange throws where the rim is generally smaller. One highly recommended grip for midranges is the "Modified Fan Grip", which balances the disc ideally in your hand, ensuring maximal control and power.

A robust and effective grip technique is the key to upping your game. Check out how the Midrange master does it from our video below:

The Modified Fan Grip involves a specific finger placement: the index and pinky fingers are tucked in while the other two rest in the middle for stability. The thumb should be about an inch and a half off the rim, enabling efficient wrist use.

Exploring Other Grip Techniques in Disc Golf

Though the modified fan grip is popular, it's not the only one to consider. Disc Golf offers you the freedom to experiment with various grips according to your playing style. Beware, however, of choosing a torque-inducing grip like the ambitious four-finger power grip for midrange throws. This grip can result in wobble and is likely to make your disk veer to the right.

In conclusion, an efficient grip is key to your Disc Golf success.

For an overview of alternative grip techniques, Pulsea Disc Golf Academy's video courses provide comprehensive analysis and practical demonstrations and many other aspects of disc golf as well. Get access today!

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