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Reading The Wind Like a Pro In Disc Golf

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Have you ever wondered how professional Disc Golf players make accurate shots even in challenging wind conditions? Well, a big part of their winning formula relies on understanding the wind's behavior. To do this, you might want to start familiarizing yourself with the environment around and on the course.

Grass can offer valuable insights into the wind direction and speed. By picking some under your shoes and slowly releasing them away from your body, you can examine the wind's exact path near you. This technique, however, is not just about recognising the wind direction around you, but is more about understanding the bigger picture of the wind dynamics throughout the course. Check how the Putting World Champion Matt Bell uses this method.

Exploring Other Creative Methods to Track the Wind's Movements

No grass around? No worries. Same wind reading strategies could be applied using dirt if your terrains are grass-less. Moreover, using a chalk bag for visualizing wind direction is an innovative and effective approach gaining popularity these days. But remember, no littering!

Matt Bell Putting

Observing Far Off Objects Can Improve your Wind Assessment

A great Disc Golf player does not just focus on their immediate environment, but also observes the wind patterns far away. This will help you better predict how wind would interact with your discs during throws. Studying the wind's effect on different trees along the fairway or near the putting green for instance, can help you understand various layers of wind along the course.

When you have analyzed the wind before a throw, it is time to throw. Check out Pulsea Disc Golf Academy’s Advanced Putting 2 course, where Matt Bell teaches everything about putting in various windy conditions.

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