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What is Pulsea Disc Golf Academy?

What is this you ask? We are Pulsea Disc Golf Academy and we are building the biggest disc golf online service in the world! For some time we'd been keen to expand our microlearning and online teaching expertise to new fields after 15 successful years in music and media. Disc golf was a natural topic as 80% of our staff already play the sport as a hobby. Everything started with Avery Jenkins and Discmania about a year ago. Discmania was a big help in getting things started and they connected us with the former world champion AJ. Things started to move fast and in April 2022 we were filming our first video courses at the legendary La Mirada course in Los Angeles, CA.

Test shots with AJ

La Mirada is known to be the 2nd permanent disc golf course ever built. The layout has changed throughout the years, but the vibe of the birthplace of disc golf is definitely till there! It really felt like the right place to start everything.

Avery toured us around LA in between filming and eventually we stopped at Disc Around the World. This place is probably the oldest pro shop in the world and it used to be located at La Mirada. Definitely a place to check out!

The owners gave us a tour and we had a nice chat about the history of the sport and about a Finn called Seppo Nieminen. Seppo was an exchange student around La Mirada and eventually picked up the sport and brought it back to Finland many years ago. A nice connection of history and the present.

Pulsea Disc Golf Academy is now at its beta phase, and we are publishing new content daily. We wanted to start from the very beginning and build a comprehensive path for beginners that ages well.

We know the way we teach disc golf might feel unfamiliar at first as everything is online. But don't worry! We'll break everything and every topic of disc golf into bite-size pieces and build the knowledge to our user from ground up leaving no detail behind. Be sure to check out our Beginning and Basics -course with Avery Jenkins!

Getting ready for some drone shots

We also promise to bring the best and the most up-to-date knowledge in our content. On top of bringing the best players in front of our cameras we teamed up with our local PDGA association FDGA (Finnish Disc Golf Association) in designing all the basic video courses. It's all about collaborations!

Our team is crazy about disc golf and some of us have been playing for more than 15 years – the same time our company Rockway has been producing online content. We have some awesome content already in store for you and we produce new material constantly. Welcome to a journey through disc golf! - Kimmo / Producer


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