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How to Master a Good Wrist Extension on Your Disc Golf Putts

Ever wondered why some players' putts fly so smooth while yours seem to wobble and dance in the wind? The answer might be in your wrist - literally.

The ultimate objective of wrist extension in Disc Golf is to create a smooth, spinning disc that can evade the wind, ignore elevation, and sail straight to the heart of the target. By mastering the proper wrist extension technique, you'll be adding a serious arsenal to your Disc Golf skills.

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Often overlooked, proper wrist alignment is a crucial element that separates the pros from recreational Disc Golf players. The key lies in maintaining a natural position, which is slightly bent back. As you pull your throw forward, you're going to extend that wrist through the movement, thereby setting your disc in a 'spin mode' towards the target.

Improve Your Putting Game With a Simple Wrist Extension Exercise

In the quest to improve, here's a little homework. The objective of this exercise is both revealing and rewarding. Hold the disc in front of you. Try tossing it up into the air and catching it again. Your goal? It should land straight atop wherever you tossed it from, suggesting a good extension forward with the shot.

When you can control the disc well, it flies straight up and lands right back down in front of you, improving your chances of winning. Wrong timing of wrist extension can cause the disc to veer off course, either moving left or placing it too far to the right. Steady your putt, maintain proper wrist extension and conquer the course at every turn.

How to Maximise Your Exercise Benefits - Indoor Practice

To truly understand the trajectory of your toss and your ability to catch it, it's essential to practice indoors where wind condition can't skew your perception. Practicing inside grants you a fair reading. Remember, tossing and catching your disc right above provides the best indication of successful wrist extension, influencing your performance positively on the course.

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