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Flight Numbers for Control and Accuracy - What to Pick as a Beginner?

The Importance of Flight Numbers

Flight numbers in discs play a crucial role in shaping your disc golf performance. There are 4 numbers displayed in every basic disc: 1. Speed 2. Glide 3. Turn 4. Fade Understanding these four essential components—speed, glide, turn, and fade—is vital in selecting the perfect discs for your game. Every disc golf player, especially beginners, should be aware of the common mistakes of prioritizing high-speed discs over control and accuracy. If you go for distance over control, your accuracy will suffer a lot as a beginner.

Remember that every disc manufacturer displays flight numbers differently in discs, some bigger than others.

Disc Golf Disc Flight Numbers

How to Choose the Right Discs Using Flight Numbers

When purchasing your next set of disc golf discs, keep in mind the following flight number ranges for a winning combination of control, accuracy, and distance:

1. Speed: Opt for a comfortable fairway driver with a speed range of 5-8 depending on your level and throwing ability. Avoid choosing discs with a speed of 10-12, as they usually prioritize speed over control.

2. Glide: Select a glide number around the 4-5 range, as it promotes good flight through the air and helps you maintain control over the throw. More than 5 can impact on your accuracy as a beginner.

3. Turn: Look for a neutral turn rating between 0 and -1. This ensures that your discs have the necessary balance for straight and precise throws.

4. Fade: Aim for a fade range of 0 to +1, translating into the right amount of finishing curve to optimize your throws.

Although flight numbers can seem subjective across different manufacturers, they serve as a reliable guide in purchasing your next set of disc golf discs. To see practical examples and the reasoning behind these flight number ranges, be sure to check out our video content at Pulsea Disc Golf Academy.

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