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Flat, Hyzer, and Anhyzer - Master the 3 essential Disc Golf Release Angles

Perfect Your Disc Golf Game With These 3 Release Angles

Are you looking to improve your disc golf skills and take your game to the next level? Mastering the three basic release angles of disc golf – Flat, Hyzer, and Anhyzer – is the key to taking steps from a complete beginner onwards and beyond. Here, we will cover these three crucial angles and provide a few tips for perfecting your throwing technique to start landing your shots with an angle. Mastering these shots will help you throw discs around obstacles.

Avery Jenkins getting ready for a shot

The Flat Straight Shot: Hard But Essential Throwing Technique to Master

The flat straight shot can be the most challenging disc golf throw to perfect. Ideally, you should release the disc level, low, and straight with no angles, nose up or down, and with no tilt left or right. This will ensure that the disc carries straight down the fairway, increasing your chances of a successful shot. A tip to getting this throw right is to imagine a glass of water on the disc and practicing the throwing movement slowly without spilling the water. Get more hands-on tips and tricks by checking out the Pulsea Disc Golf Academy video-courses when you need guidance.

The Hyzer RELEASE Angle - From Right to Left

The Hyzer angle requires the outside edge of the disc to be tilted away from your body. This method will cause the disc to start at the right (for right-handed backhand throwers) and fade back to the left, thus shaping your shot effectively.

The Anhyzer Release Angle - From Left to Right

For a precise curvature from left to right with the Anhyzer release angle, position the outside edge of the disc facing away from your body on the same side as your throwing arm. This angle will make the disc turn over from left to right, which is an effective technique for precise curvature on the course. Keep practicing these release angles and watch your game improve dramatically.

In conclusion, mastering the Flat, Hyzer, and Anhyzer release angles in disc golf is crucial to elevating your game. With practice, you'll be able to shape your shots and gain better control over your throws. For more expert guidance, our Pulsea Disc Golf Academy offers the support you need to improve your skills and conquer the course.


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