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Choosing the Perfect Disc Golf Putter As a BEGINNER

Your arsenal of disc golf equipment is incomplete without a perfect putter. But how do you narrow down the best putter from a vast ocean of options? As a beginner you can be overwhelmed by the different manufacturers and their disc repertoire. 

Primarily, it’s all about the grip! A putter that snuggly fits your hand and feels like an extension of your arm is your best buddy. Molding that harmonious bond with your preferred putter can significantly elevate your disc golf experience. Everything from the depth to the rim size to the overall feel of the putter can drastically shape your performance. Do consider your hand's shape and size as well when trying out different putters.

It all comes down to trying out different kinds of discs (size, depth, manufacturer) and sticking with the ones that feel the best in your hand.

Stack of disc golf discs

Some discs have so called Flight Numbers printed on them. If you are unfamiliar with Flight Numbers, be sure to check out this blog.

Technique and familiarity equals putting accuracy

When you think you have a few good putter that fits your arm perfect it’s time to focus on the technique.

The mechanics of a skillful putter release isn’t about arm strength but much more about the science behind it. It all comes down to the putter effortlessly coming out of your hand at the right moment. This precision, combined with the right technique, can make or break your disc golf game. If you have the best putter in the world that fits you perfectly but lack technique, your confidence can carry you pretty far.If your technique is to notch but the putter in your hand feels off, your putting game is most likely to be impacted of your mental game.

Confidence and Consistency with Your Putter: The Mental Game

Lastly, don't underestimate the power of the mental game in disc golf. The feeling of confidence you have in your putter will radically influence your game. Choosing a putter isn't only a physical decision - it’s psychological as you need a disc that makes you feel assured and capable, the putter you have been practicing with. Explore how mental factors influence sport performance with Pulsea Disc Golf Academy.

As they say - Practice makes perfect! Be sure to practice with YOUR PUTTER. Even if someone says you have a bad putter, it most likely is the best putter for you.

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