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Matt Bell - Meet The Disc Golf Pro

Matt Bell (#48950) started playing disc golf in 2009 at the famed DeLaveaga disc golf course in Santa Cruz, CA. Early on he got obsessed with the sport and decided to volunteer for the 2011 World Championships held in the same place. The winner back then was Nate Doss. The experiences and the atmosphere around the Worlds of 2011 sparked the competitive journey that Matt Bell is on today. One of Matt Bell’s biggest accomplishment so far is winning the Putting World Champion title in 2016. If you want to elevate your putting game, be sure tho check out Matt Bells tips & tricks!

Matt’s exceptional putting skills and philosophy of putting make him the one of best possible teachers when it comes to what happens inside circle 2 (60 ft. / 20 m). His surety in aim is exceptional. Mr. Bell has the patience and methods to make anyone with enough determination to become a world-class putter.

The putting pro continues to be a putting extraordinaire. Being accurate and precise on the green is where the results are made. Someone might say that putting is the most important skill in disc golf and Matt Bell sure knows a thing or do about it!

We at Pulsea Disc Golf Academy want to bring Matt’s expertise to everyone. Wherever you live and no matter how good you are, we're sure you’ll elevate your putting game with the guidance of Matt Bell.

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